Photography is one of the best and highly satisfying activities when you do it professionally or passionately. The photographers can capture the beautiful object, the best dramatic scene within seconds that happens once in the lifetime. If they want to capture the image in their desired effect, then they have to use essential technique or tools to bring life to the full image.

Lightening Umbrella

Top 6 Best Lightening Umbrella

The important tool required for the photography is lighting umbrella which will enhance the look of the environment and allows you to capture the image with best lighting effect. There are different types of lighting umbrellas are available in the market and you can also buy through the online vendors. It is important to see the color, size, and features of the umbrella before buying it. Read this article, here you can get more details about the best lightening umbrellas out there.

1) Limostudio photography Photo Studio Lighting Kit


This is developed to be the 33-inch umbrella that helps in improving the lighting conditions while taking photos. This Limostudio photography lighting kit comes in two colors, namely the black with silver, which acts as a reflector for modulating the light, interior etc and another color is the white for dispersing the light.

The umbrella is constructed with high- grade nylon for providing great longevity and it is effective for both strobe and constant lighting. This kit includes light stand, protectors, clamps, muslin backdrops and other important accessories.

2) Limostudio 33” Umbrella Studio Reflector


If you are searching for the latest lightening umbrellas with great effects, then Limostudio AGG103 is the best option for you. This product is highly portable and you can set up at any sites easily within few minutes.

There are different accessories included in this kit namely light holder, accent light and high output light which provides multiple options to take different pictures. It also comes with a 33-inch white reflector and all these fits into the carrying bag.

3) ePhoto Continuous Lighting Umbrella Kit


This is one of the excellent lightening Umbrellas with many advanced features and you can get it at an affordable price. It is available in two types black with silver and black with white and the size of the umbrella is about 33 inches.

If you are professional or experienced hobbyists, then this tool is the best option for you as this will provide a wide range of setup combinations for all the shots you want. It comes with a pair of 7 foot light stand, flash shoe brackets and a carrying case. The material of the product is highly durable and it will withstand the toughest use.

4) CowboyStudio 33” B/S UMB


This is one of the trusted brands among the photographers and it is the well-reviewed lightning camera available in the market. The size of the umbrella is 33 inches and comes in black with silver color. The top of the umbrella comes in a black color for reducing the light from an external source.

The interior color of the umbrella is silver and this surface reflects the light for illuminating the object so that the photographers can take the perfect pictures. This one is compact and portable.

5) CowboyStudio B/W UMB


This is another lightening umbrella from Cowboy Studio that is recommended by the photographers.  The color of the product is black with white and the interior of the umbrella reflects the light same as that of the silver.  

This umbrella reduces the illumination which is from the flash on the set or strobe lighting and also assists in reducing the shadows. The blacktop stops the flow of light from other source and you can fold this device easily.

6) Westcott 2011


The interesting feature of this product is that it comes with the removable cover and allows the user to use or remove it depending on their need. It contains dark cover at the top of the umbrella for reflecting more light than absorbing or dispersing.  It includes telescopic metal shafts and it stretches up to 43 inches when you open the umbrella.

Hope you got a clear idea about the lightening umbrella, try any one of the above products and share your experience with us through the comment section below.

Are you using any of the above lightening umbrellas?

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