Everyone wants to spend some time with their friends instead of chasing umbrellas across the yard, the strong sun can make your outdoor space unbearably hot and an essential outdoor accessory that will help you stay cool is a patio umbrella.patio-umbrella

Patio umbrellas are available in various sizes, styles, and weight, investing in right patio umbrella will provide a stylish addition to a deck and a significant reduction in temperature. Check out this comprehensive patio Umbrella Guide to get more details about patio umbrella styles.

Top 5 Patio Umbrella styles

We discovered some of the top styles available in the market and by learning these popular styles you can find the right shade accessory for any outdoor.

1) Cantilever Patio Umbrellas

Cantilever Patio Umbrellas are also known as Off-Set Patio Umbrellas, this type of umbrellas are supported by the pole and base on the one side of the canopy and this opens out the arms and provides shade for the large area. You can spread this umbrella over the seating area or dining table without any holes in the middle for holding poles which obstruct traffic and views.

If you want shade for the particular area then this free standing umbrella may be a best one for you. One disadvantage of this cantilever umbrella is a lack of portability because it needs hefty bases to counterbalance the arcing arm and umbrella.

2) Patio Table Umbrellas

Table umbrellas are much cheaper and it opts for those who want to change it for every few years for a new look without investing more money. This is one of the traditional approaches to outdoor shading and you can fit this umbrella to the center hole of the patio table, provides ample shade for those who sit around the table and any food on it.

The best part of this umbrella is, it comes with an own solid base to support themselves and so it does not put any additional pressure on the table. In order to avoid toppling, the homeowner should choose a patio umbrella which is big enough to shade the particular table.

3) Commercial Patio Umbrellas

These Commercial Patio Umbrellas are typically used in hotels and restaurants, suitable for those who have a large area and want a sturdy heavy duty option for reliable long term solutions to lower quality alternatives.

One drawback is a limited style choice, but many homeowners prefer this because it is more durable than residential versions.

4) Tilt Umbrellas

Tilt umbrellas are designed with additional adjustment joins which is above the three-quarter way up the pole and thus it allows pivot in any directions. If you want to use this umbrella for the patios that experience an abundance of sunlight throughout the day, then you can make great use of this design.

Moreover, as the sun moves throughout the course of a day you don’t need to change your seating positions, just till the umbrella to get the extra bit of shade that you want.

5) Patio Sail Umbrellas

The Patio Sail Umbrellas are made up of a tri-cornered section of umbrella fabric and you can tie this umbrella over the patios or furniture set. Like residential and commercial umbrellas, the material of this product is highly UV resistant and last even in the bright sunshine. The main advantage of using this umbrella is no need to place clumsy, heavy bases which occupy more space.

Hope you have found the best patio umbrella styles and with the right style, you can enjoy the outdoor weather no matter how hot or sunny.