The recent trends developed in all the fields of the world are considering in giving more importance to create a product that is Eco-friendly in order to control the contaminants and pollutants to save nature and earth.

The eco-friendly products are those that are nature-friendly and thrust upon minimal or no harmful benefits to the ecosystems and are also efficient along with being durable. One among the eco-friendly material that is used in various fields offering various benefits is the wood.

Wood is preferred in almost every field for their nature of being durable, handling surface damages, for being light and rigid. In that regard, even the beach umbrellas have come up with the eco-friendly approach of using a wooden pole to fix it to the ground.

Benefits Of Using Wooden Poles

The wooden pole has various benefits when compared to the steel or other poles. Apart from saving nature, they also help in being durable and withstand any weather condition. They are resistant to rust and do not require wooden coating, unlike the steel poles.

The wooden poles do not require additional screws or bolts to mount it to the ground. They can be easily mounted by creating a hole naturally. Further, they are resistant to fire too. The wooden poles are capable of reusing it each time.

Why To Choose A Wooden Pole Umbrella?

As the beach sand of each area differs individually, using an umbrella with a wooden pole will help in maintaining the longer life span of the umbrellas. They are heavier than the poles umbrellas with aluminum or the steel poles and hence enhance durability.

The wooden pole umbrellas do not require complex assemblies and can be simply fixed to beach sand, grass, dirt or other surfaces and hence do not necessitate an anchor support. The umbrellas can be tilted similar to the other umbrellas and apart from using it on a beach; they are also suitable for being usable in the market and patio too.

What Are The Best Brands Of Wooden Pole Umbrellas Available?

 There are a number of brands that market umbrellas with a wooden pole but the best seller is those that belong to the Frankford umbrellas brand. Let us have a brief look at their features.

Frankford Umbrellas

The Frankford umbrellas are available in two different sizes; 6.5 ft and 7.5 ft.

Both the 6.5 ft Frankford beach umbrella and the 7.5 ft Frankford beach umbrella are made of ash wood which is solid and holds the umbrella in a sturdy position. The ash wood pole is built with steel joints and rivets to be able to withstand the wind, surf, and the sun. The wooden pole is of 1.38 inches diameter and it does not come with a tilt feature.

The umbrellas are made of acrylic fabric with UPF 50+ protection factor in order to prevent the users from the harmful UV rays. The acrylic fabric is used in their products as they are heavier than the other materials and are effective in providing shade to the user.

Also, the acrylic fabric helps in holding the umbrella in a stiff and tight position and gives a heavy finish. With this fabric, the solution dying gets deeper into the fabric layers and reduces the chances of fading. Also, with this fabric, the chance of mildew infection is low.

The umbrella is supported by the 5 mm steel ribs that are zinc plated and are attached with the help of steel springs to be firm. In addition to this, the rib pockets are reinforced to prevent the fabric from tearing.

The umbrella can be opened and closed with the help of the push button attached to it. Also, it comes with a hook to provision hanging the towels, mobiles or any other accessories.

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Key Features

  • Steel ribs
  • Acrylic fabric


  • Withstand wind
  • Stiff and tight position

Other Brands

Apart from the above brand, the other brands that market umbrellas with wooden poles include Access stores 8’ wooden umbrella which has 6 ribs that are firm and also has a pulley and rope to be convenient for lifting up and down.

The umbrella suitable for commercial and residential usage is the interstellar 9’ wooden umbrella which is stable to be used as a rain shelter, for the beach, etc. They are octagonal in shape and is easy to lift and lower.

The 180 g polyester fabric in the umbrella of Interhouse product 10’ wooden umbrella is designed to be waterproof and easy to clean. It does come with a 10 ft diameter which is spacious for providing shade to more than 3 people.

The hardwood pole of the California umbrella 9’ round is durable and can be easily assembled. The specialty being the olefin fabric the product comes with fade resistant and shade providing properties. The 8 marenti ribs that the product comes with are durable and is easy to operate with the pulley system.

These are the best brands that offer umbrella with the wooden pole. They can be used in market or patio, as a sunshade or a rain shelter apart from being used on the beach. So, consider purchasing the product from the one above with respect to your budget and needs. Also, if you find this article to be useful, share it on social networking sites.