A beach umbrella differs from an ordinary umbrella by providing spacious room for more people to sit under it for relaxation. They help in providing shelter along with providing resistance against the harmful UV rays.

Owning a beach umbrella is not an extravagance. Spending a day at the beach under the hot sun will bring you plenty of skin infections or sunburn. This can be avoided by using a beach umbrella. Apart from guarding against the sun rays, it also helps in protecting you from the sudden showers of the sky.

What Are Their Benefits?

Upon purchasing a beach umbrella, you will be offered with the following benefits,

Shade – Usually, a person without a beach umbrella will consider sitting under the structures that provide shade and switch places whenever to reach a shady area. With a beach umbrella, you can get rid of this issue as it provides a shaded environment for the person under its roof.

Shelter- The beach umbrella apart from providing shade can also provide you the best shelter to rest under. There are best beach umbrella tents available in order to serve this purpose.

Rain Protection- Even though, the chances of rain shower is likely to occur in a beach, in case if it happens, you will get drenched due to the lack of protection against rain. This will spoil the entire fun and relaxation you get on a beach. To avoid this, the beach umbrellas are made waterproof and will help you in protecting against sudden showers.

UV Resistance- The beach umbrellas are coated with a UV-resistant material in order to enable complete protection against the harmful ultraviolet rays and help you in getting rid of the skin infections.

Decor- Apart from being a beneficial product, the beach umbrellas can also be used as a piece of decor to decorate your swimming pools, yard or other places to have a peaceful relaxation. They are widely used in hotels for decoration.

What Should You Consider When Choosing?

With the variety of brands marketing beach umbrellas with various unique features and benefits, it is quite normal to get confused and end up in choosing the wrong one. There are certain factors that you have to consider before purchasing a beach umbrella. They include,

Size- The priority factor to consider is the size that suits your needs. Before purchasing a beach umbrella, decide the number of users that are going to use the umbrella at a single time. Usually, the umbrellas come in different sizes with respect to its diameter and the pole height.

The diameter of the umbrella should be considered when purchasing a beach umbrella. As the diameter of the umbrella gets bigger, the number of people it can accommodate also gets increased. The umbrellas can be of 5-8 feet diameter as a maximum.

The small beach umbrellas are those that have a 5-foot diameter and are capable of accommodating only 2 people while those that have bigger diameter are large beach umbrellas and can be used for accommodating more than 3 people at a time.

Type- The second most important factor is to consider the type of the umbrella. There are three different types of beach umbrellas available in the market; market and patio, commercial, and the clamp on an umbrella.

The market and the patio can be purchased if you wish to use the umbrella in your yard or garden apart from the beach. These are usually wider in size and are capable of accommodating more number of people. They are made such that it can be easily operated with the help of the pulley mechanism.

The commercial beach umbrellas are those that look attractive and are specially designed to be used commercially for offering eye-catching sight especially in restaurants and other public gatherings. They are usually made of heavy-duty aluminum and fiberglass to be durable.

The clamps on umbrellas are most widely purchased as they come as a separate piece without a pole. They are being provided with a clamp or adjustments that can be used to fix the umbrella to a chair or any other thing. They are usually designed to be fitted as a beach chair with an umbrella as a combo. It fits almost every type of the chair.

Frames- An umbrella frame is an essential factor to hold the umbrella firm and support it without tearing the fabric. There are three different types of frames used widely in the beach umbrellas; fiberglass, aluminum, wood.

The fiberglass frame is used in the beach umbrellas for withstanding windy situations as they are light in weight and are durable to changing climatic conditions.

The aluminum frame is used in the heavy duty beach umbrellas for firmness. The aluminum frame along with the fiberglass ribs are used for designing beach umbrellas for the wind whereas the aluminum frame along with the aluminum ribs are used in designing the commercial beach umbrellas while the aluminum frame along with the steel ribs is designed for the beach umbrellas for residential purpose.

The wooden frames are the most economical method of designing a beach umbrella. The wooden beach umbrellas are made with the hardwood for the poles and use steel rib, fiberglass rib or wood rib for rigidity.

UV Resisting Capacity- The ultraviolet ray’s resistance offered by the beach umbrellas is a well-known factor. But to choose a beach umbrella with UV resistance, you should be able to differentiate between the UPF and the SPF factors.

The SPF factor is a term used to denote the amount of UV rays that a human can bear whereas the UPF factor is the term that denotes the amount of UV rays that the fabric used in the product can absorb. They are usually denoted using the numerical values.

Umbrella Material- Apart from the types of materials used in designing the pole and the rib, the umbrellas are made with different fabric materials such as the polyester, nylon, canvas, or acrylic. There are also fabrics that are coated with a silver reflective lining.

Anchor- An anchor is an essential part of a beach umbrella. The presence of the anchor is necessary for fixing the chair firmly to the ground which is also a safety especially in the case of using a baby beach umbrella. The anchor is usually present in the form a spiral or screw-like shape which has to be fixed to the ground by drilling a hole in the surface.

Weight- The umbrellas come in various weights depending on the pole and the fabric they are made with. The portable beach umbrellas are usually light in weight and are also foldable to be carried anywhere. They are also convenient for storing when not in use. Others cannot be folded and has to be kept as such.

What Are The Best Brands Offering Beach Umbrellas?

Among the number of brands that manufacture and market beach umbrellas, those that sell the best quality umbrellas include the following,

WinnerSport-Brella Umbrella

This is the best seller in the beach umbrella category offering protection against the sun, rain, and the wind with the help of the UPF 50+ factor along with the detachable floor that is capable of protecting you from the damp grass, sand, and other platforms.

Apart from providing shade, they also act as a shelter to give you instant spacious room with the 96-inch diameter for accommodating a family. The umbrella comes with side flaps that are foldable to create protecting against the sideways sun and rain.

The unit is designed with a zippered vent on the upper to provide ventilation and to keep you cooler in the summer season. Also, they come with a carry case so that it is easy to store it and take it along wherever you go. Further, the additional supplement of tethers and ground stakes help you in providing rigid support and stability.

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Key Features

  • UPF 50+ protection
  • Carry case


  • Detachable floor
  • Spacious seating

Runner– Tommy Bahama 7 Ft Beach Umbrella

This beach umbrella is the second best beach umbrella with its anchor and handles that can be screwed to the ground or sand easily.

The umbrella material is made of thick fabric that is capable of providing shelter along with the 100% UV protection feature. The umbrella has a tilt function, using which the unit can be tilted to any convenient angle according to the user convenience.

The presence of the tiny opening at the top enables the entry of the wind without the necessity of lifting the umbrella. They are light in weight and are compact when folded. They can be stored in the carry case provided and is hence portable.

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Key Features

  • Anchor
  • Handles


  • UV resistant
  • Light weight

Easy Go Beach Umbrella

This is a beach umbrella which is 8 ft wide and is built with heavy duty anodized aluminum pole along with the fiberglass ribs that offer extra stability and protection against the windy situations.

The product is constructed with the polyester fabric that is capable of providing proper ventilation. The screw type base which is convenient to hold the umbrella to the ground thereby providing extra stability and security.

The unit can be folded easily by pressing the push button present or by using the self-tightening set the latch. The pole as it is made with aluminum, offer resistance to rust.

The fabric is treated with a coating that is capable of providing resistance against the harmful UV rays. Further, the unit can be folded and stored in the carry bag provided and take it along wherever you go.

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Key Features

  • Anodized aluminum pole
  • Polyester fabric


  • Perform heavy duty
  • Stable

Impact Canopies Beach Umbrella

The umbrella is 8’ wide and is spacious for accommodating a large family or a group of friends. The umbrella is designed in the rainbow color and it looks attractive too. They are light in weight and is made with a 1 ¼ “aluminum pole that is rust resistant.

The umbrella’s Teflon fabric is coated with a material with the UPF 50+ factor and thus helps in protecting against the harmful UV rays. With the easy tilt mechanism, they are easy to be tilted to any angle and in any direction to get shade.

The presence of 16 fiberglass support ribs helps in offering extra strength and durability. With the auger tip at the bottom of the pole, the unit can be fixed to any surface such as the sand or dirt. It is compact to be folded and can be kept in the carry bag when not in use.

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Key Features

  • Rainbow color
  • Aluminum pole


  • Rust resistant
  • Spacious seating

Beachbub All-In-One Beach Umbrella

The product claims to be an all in one system as it provides the umbrella with a base, and the accessory kit included. This, in turn, eliminates the need for purchasing every accessory separately which in turn saves the time and money.

The product is most loved by the kids as it requires filling sand at the base to fix it tight into the ground. This becomes a fun filled activity along with being beneficial for the parents. The umbrella along with the base weighs only 9 lbs and is hence light in weight.

With this light weight feature, they are helpful in transporting it to any place with the help of the carry bag that has a padded strap and a handle to carry comfortably. The product is tested and claims to withstand wind up to 35MPH speed.

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Key Features

  • Light weight
  • Padded strap


  • Portable
  • All in one system

Solar Guard Deluxe Beach Umbrella

It is an 8-foot canopy which is made with the nylon taffeta material. The umbrella is made of a heavy-duty frame along with the reinforced rib joints accompanied by the fiberglass spreaders in order to offer stability.

The fiberglass spreaders help in avoiding the bends when folding it. The pole comes attached with a hook which helps in holding the beach accessories safe from sand. The unit is made with a weather resistance fabric that is capable of providing protection against the harmful UV rays.

Further, the fabric reflects the sunlight and provides cooling by 15 degrees. The pole is made of aluminum and is 1.40 inch in diameter which enables rust resistance as it is coated with white powder. The pole is capable of tilting it at 3 positions.

In addition to this, the umbrella features a snap button, which is built to lock the upper and the lower poles and help in preventing the poles from getting opened during the windy monsoon periods.

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Key Features

  • Reinforced rib joints
  • Fiberglass spreaders


  • Weather resistant
  • UV resistant

Rio Brands Deluxe Sunshade Umbrella        

The Rio brands beach umbrella comes with a 6 ft diameter and is made with the denier polyester fabric which helps in offering protection against the harmful UV rays. It claims to offer UPF 100 plus protection factor that absorbs almost all the harmful rays.

The umbrella comes with a pole made of steel that is 1.25 inch in diameter and is coated with white powder in order to resist corrosion. The pole is capable of tilting at different angles with the help of the simple push button provided.

The umbrella’s curtain is designed in such a way that it offers protection against wind and rain along with offering extreme shade conditions. Also, the product is light in weight with 4 lbs and can be stored compactly in a carry bag.

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Key Features

  • Polyester fabric
  • Steel pole


  • UV resistant
  • Resist corrosion

Shadezilla Rainbow Beach Umbrella

The 8’ diameter beach umbrella is designed to be used in extreme climatic conditions. The product with its diameter is capable of accommodating more than three people under it. It is made with the polyester cover that is durable.

The polyester cover is Teflon coated and is hence resistant to the UV rays. The product hence claims to have a UPF 50+ factor offering ample resistance. Further, the umbrella is supported by a dull andonized aluminum pole which is resistant to corrosion and light in weight.

With the help of 16 fiberglass ribs that are attached to the umbrella, it offers extended stability and supports the umbrellas from windy situations without tearing. This, in turn, makes the unit to be durable and have a long lifespan.

To the pole is a metal tilt present which is adjustable and the pole can be tilted at 3 different angles of your convenience. When not in use, the umbrella can be folded and stored to fit in the carry bag and can be carried anywhere.

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Key Features

  • Polyester cover
  • Fiberglass ribs


  • UV resistant
  • Resist corrosion


To conclude, the beach umbrellas apart from providing shade also offers various other benefits of safeguarding from the rain and wind too. If you notice, you can find that the beach umbrellas are all provided with a tilt feature to enable it to be tilted to different angles to place the umbrella against the direction of the sunlight. This will help you in getting rid of sunburns.

When it comes to choosing an umbrella to make sure you consider the points that we have mentioned and decide from the best products stated above. Apart from these products, there are beach umbrellas available along with the beach chair.

Further, the beach umbrellas also come in the form of a tent supported with aluminum poles at four corners to provide stability and support. Even though, the poles are designed to fix firmly to the ground, purchasing an anchor is a must for those areas that does not have a steady platform.

Keeping all these things in your kind, purchase a beach umbrella and enjoy your leisure time without getting affected by the climatic conditions.