Which type of umbrellas to choose for a giveaways, campaigns or events? There are a lot of factors to consider while selecting a product for the promotional activities; the right product can be picked from an in depth research.promotional-umbrella

Marketing strategy needs to be clear so that it’s simple to choose the right promotional umbrella for your company and this will have a huge positive impact on your enterprise success.

Best Promotion Umbrella | The Selection Process

You need to know for what purpose of intention you are going to use the umbrella for, as a permanent fixture somewhere near outdoors or just for clients. Let’s check for various factors you need to know while picking a promotional umbrella for your business below.


I have seen people choosing budget umbrellas for their clients as they keep them protected during any gaming or other activities and this can also be used for all purposes with ease, but I don’t recommend low budget umbrellas for the promotional purposes.

Most of the small budget umbrellas are made of low-quality materials, and there are high chances for the collapse on gusty conditions. The manufacturing process might also be completely down in fewer budget umbrellas so always prefer to go with expensive ones for the optimal result.


You need to know, what are the unique features in particular umbrellas to choose them for the promotional purpose, the umbrella that is practical would be preferred by most of the customers so never forget to look for the unique feature like the logo, sturdier design, and other improved options.

Targeted Audiences

Know who are your targeted audiences, based on that you need to choose a promotional umbrella. There are a different type of umbrellas like Fashion Umbrellas, Kids umbrellas, folding umbrellas, Golf umbrellas, etc.

For e.g., if your target audiences are young girls, then you can choose fashion umbrellas as they love to choose anything that is fashion related. Similarly, if your targeted audience is the gold crowd, then you need to choose the various type of attractive Golf umbrellas for making the result.

Wind & Storm Resistant

Choose the umbrellas like WindBrella as they are developed to be UV resistant, Storm, and wind resistant for withstanding any gusty conditions so that there would be no chances of flipping inside out. Decide the brand and manufacturer you are going to choose this umbrella for the promotion purpose.

Tested Results

Choose the promotional umbrella that has better results while testing for the excellence; few umbrellas has been tested in maximum wind speed of more than 110 km per hour. This will help in getting a good result while making up your marketing strategy for promotion.

Attractive Colors

The Umbrellas are available in different color shades, choosing the one that suits your corporate identity would be good for delivering more audience and sale, for, e.g., you can choose red color promotional umbrellas if you are going to be the plan the promotion based on awareness.

Bottom Line

Hope you got some awareness and idea on choosing the promotional umbrellas based on your marketing strategy, you can also think of better ideas to enhance your marketing strategy and results.

Having queries on choosing the promotion umbrella for your business? Shoot your questions through the comment section below.

Any ideas, suggestions, and thoughts on the topic are also welcome.